Rick Joplin Bio

Home Inspections Huntley IL, Home Inspectors Huntley, Huntley IL Home Inspections, Huntley IL Home Inspector, Home Inspector Huntley IL, About Your Home InspectionRick married his high school sweetheart, Brandi, over 30 years ago. They have three wonderful, grown children.

Rick has a very diverse background. Since graduating from Irving Crown High School he has worked in a variety of fields including retail, warehouse, lumber-yard, gravel pit, ready-mixed concrete, and manufacturing. While working for his previous employer he decided to go back to school to improve his managerial skills. Rick has earned several certificates, a degree in Manufacturing Management, and has successfully completed a number of courses towards a BA degree. After over 20 years with his previous employer, the company closed and Rick, along with 200 of my associates were released to pursue other adventures.

Rick decided it was time to change careers and the home inspection industry seemed to be a perfect fit. He enrolled in the necessary courses, passed the state licensing exam, and is an Illinois-licensed home inspector working for About Your Home Inspection, Inc.!

In his off time Rick enjoys fishing, spending time with his family and attending music festivals with his wife, Brandi.