Dryer Fires Are A Cause For Concern Of Home Inspector Huntley IL

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According to the US Fire Administration there are an estimated 15,600 annual structure fires caused by clothes dryers. These fires cause an average of 15 deaths and 400 injuries per year. Eighty percent of those fires occur in residential buildings. One and two-family residences account for 81% of resi­dential building dryer fires. These statistics are a few years old, but I think we all get the picture. Dryer fires are dangerous and they appear to be on the rise. In order to prevent dryer Continue Reading ...

Replace Your Water Heater With Home Inspectors Huntley IL Help

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Everything has an expected useful life. That leaves a little room for some discussion as to what is considered useful. For the sake of argument, we’ll say the expected useful life is over when an appliance no longer operates as it was designed to operate without using extraordinary means. You shouldn’t have to use a match, while manipulating the controls, standing on one foot to light your oven! A water heater that produces enough warm water to fill a one gallon bucket is probably past its Continue Reading ...

Truss Lift With The Help Of Home Inspectors Huntley IL

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Now that we understand what Truss Lift is, what can we do about it? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, this would be a good time to go back and read last week’s entry. Go ahead……..I’ll wait! Truss Lift is a naturally occurring phenomenon that would be most easily and cost effectively addressed before it occurs. In other words, it should be fixed during the building process. Since so many people are experiencing the effects, it is apparent that this is not happening. In most Continue Reading ...

House Is Cracking Up. Get Help From Home Inspector Huntley IL

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Many homeowners are experiencing a frustrating occurrence in their homes. Cracks are appearing in corners where the interior walls meet the ceiling. These cracks may be small and hardly noticeable or they may be large gaping cracks that catch the eye of every visitor to the home. These cracks seem to be most visible in the dead of the winter and almost non-existent in the summer. If I have just described your house, you may be experiencing a common phenomenon called “Truss Lift”. A truss Continue Reading ...

Home Inspectors Huntley IL Working Codes

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That is a question I hear all the time. Did you realize that states have building codes, counties have building codes, and municipalities have building codes? These codes are always being changed and updated. Which code does the inspector use to inspect your home? The answer is quite simple. Home Inspectors are not code inspectors. In Illinois, Home Inspectors are required to inspect homes per the standards of practice set forth by the state. The standards are very detailed about what is and Continue Reading ...

Home Inspector Huntley IL Explains Circuit Breakers And GFCI’s

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A GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter is a device used to protect people from electrical shock while a circuit breaker or fuse is meant to protect a house from an electrical fire. Both are very important and require proper installation to be effective. A typical GFCI outlet. A properly sized circuit breaker or fuse, when properly installed, will disrupt an electrical circuit before the wires heat up enough to start a fire. If too large of breaker or fuse is installed, the wires will Continue Reading ...

Is Home Inspector Huntley IL Worth The Cost?

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Pre-list inspections are really beginning to gain popularity. With any market conditions, it makes sense to do everything possible to get an advantage over other homes on the market. A pre-list inspection is the perfect way to get that ‘Leg Up’. A pre-list inspection is virtually the same as a pre-purchase inspection except for the timing. This inspection is normally performed before or in conjunction with listing the home on the market. This gives the seller an unbiased, in-depth look at Continue Reading ...

Home Inspector Huntley IL Explains Bathroom Ventilation Importance

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I guess it is time to come out of the attic! I could probably write a few more posts up there, but I will save them for a later day. Right now we should discuss another place in your home that is affected by moisture – your bathroom. Moisture in the bathroom is an open invitation to mold, mildew, bacteria of all kinds and insects. It can be the cause of significant allergy and health problems, and can also cause structural damage to the home. To combat the moisture in your bathroom it is Continue Reading ...

Cleaning Moisture In The Attic With Home Inspectors Huntley IL Help

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Three posts in a row about the attic. That seems a little odd since most people have probably never even seen their attic. Maybe that is why it is important that we touch on some of the most common causes of attic moisture. Moisture in the attic can cause issues in your home that you don’t want to deal with if you don’t have to. The most common of these issues is mold, but there is also a possibility of stains, damage and leaks to the ceilings of rooms below the attic. Damage from both of Continue Reading ...

Considering Attic Repair With The Help Of Home Inspector Huntley IL

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Last week we talked about the importance of having insulation in your attic. This week we would like to discuss something totally different. Something you shouldn’t have in your attic. That something would be wildlife. Wildlife does not belong in your attic. Whether there are raccoons, opossum, squirrels, birds, bats or bees in your attic, they need to be permanently removed. Probably one of the most unnerving scenarios to have happen during a home inspection is to open the attic entrance Continue Reading ...