Tricks To Customize A Kitchen On A Budget

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Helpful information from About Your Home Inspection! Who wouldn’t want a kitchen customized to meet their specific tastes and needs? A complete kitchen renovation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to spend a bundle to achieve a custom effect. A few modest investments can help make your kitchen work well and look great.Here are ways to affordably customize your kitchen: Get Creative With Cabinets:Completely replacing cabinets can be costly, but it’s Continue Reading ...

How To Tackle A Dust-Free Renovation

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Brought to you by About Your Home Inspection Kristen Johnson* loved her home, her family, and their active lifestyle. She’d never want to change a thing — except for her foyer and adjoining dining room. When she and her husband first moved into their home, they had intended to refinish the hardwood floors in those areas in a darker stain to better fit their style, but life got in the way. Twelve years, two boys and countless birthday parties, pets and indoor soccer games later, their Continue Reading ...

5 Fabulous Deck Fix-ups

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The Article Courtesy of About Your Home Inspection! Are you tired of having a deck you’re no longer proud to show off? You’re not alone. According to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Landscape Trends Study, one of the top reasons motivating homeowners to tackle outdoor projects like deck upgrades is their open-air space is past its prime.If you’re like surveyed respondents and ready to return your fixer-upper to its former glory, the process may seem daunting. Fortunately, a little inspiration is Continue Reading ...

Big, Smart Ideas For Renovating Smaller Homes

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From your friends at About Your Home Inspection! While newly constructed homes are bigger than ever, most Americans still live in modestly sized or even small houses — and many of these owners are choosing to remodel rather than move into a bigger home.More than half of all American houses were built before 1980, according to the National Association of Home Builders. At that time, the average new home size was slightly more than 1,700 square feet, U.S. Census Bureau data shows. Continue Reading ...

Natural Selection: Live-edge Wood In Home Design

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Helpful Information From About Your Home Inspection! Live-edge hardwood, in which the sides of the slab are left unmilled to retain the natural profile of the tree trunk, is an increasingly popular decorative trend in today’s residential interiors. The technique is not only used for pieces of stand-alone furniture such as tables and benches but also for built-in elements like shelving, mantles, counter tops, bars and kitchen islands.“Most mills cut off the rough tree edges, turning the Continue Reading ...

A Room-by-room Guide To Decluttering Your Home

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Brought to you by About Your Home Inspection! Controlling clutter in your home can be a challenge; 48 percent of Americans say their houses are cluttered with stuff they don’t use anymore, according to a survey by ClearVoice Research. Multiple studies have found a cluttered home can negatively affect your mental and physical health, while a cleaner home can make you feel happier and healthier.A UCLA study found mothers in cluttered homes had higher stress levels while dealing with their Continue Reading ...

Repair Or Replace? What To Do With A Worn-Out Cooling System

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The Article Courtesy of About Your Home Inspection! Sooner or later, every homeowner will face the same tough decision: Can you repair that malfunctioning system or appliance one more time, or is it finally time to replace it? Summer temperatures can heat up the repair-or-replace debate for homeowners living with an older cooling system.To arrive at an answer, you must weigh numerous factors, including which option is more cost-effective over both the long- and short-term, how the existing Continue Reading ...

Latest Deck Trend: ‘Monster’ Size, Mega-Luxury

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From your friends at About Your Home Inspection! Move over mini — the new trend in decking is anything but small.When it comes to the size of their decks, the majority of Americans feel bigger is better — as multiple surveys indicate decks are getting larger and more luxurious, RealtorMag reports.Today’s decks dwarf the outdoor spaces of decades ago, and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces with features like full kitchens, dining and entertainment areas, says Kim Continue Reading ...

In Celebration Of National Picnic Month

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About Your Home Inspection is Offering $25.00 Off Of The Cost Of A Full Home Inspection For The Month Of Continue Reading ...

Plumbing The Possibilities: Kitchens, Showers And Baths Highlight Outdoor Living Spaces

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Helpful information from About Your Home Inspection!The trend toward outdoor living spaces that mimic the look, comfort, convenience and functionality of indoor spaces doesn’t have to stop at the backyard grilling station. A growing number of homeowners are exploring new additions to their outdoor spaces, including outdoor showers and powder rooms, and even garage entertaining areas anchored by sinks and wetbars!While traditional plumbing techniques might once have limited just how Continue Reading ...