Home Innovations That Protect Against Moisture

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Brought to you by About Your Home Inspection! There is an insidious enemy that every homeowner dreads: moisture and the damage and degradation it can cause if left unchecked. Luckily, home improvement manufacturers have discovered new ways to prevent moisture from penetrating the home in the first place. With new home product innovations, there is no reason to suffer the costly and damaging effects of rain, snow or ice. Unique fasteners add longevity to decks:   Innovative Continue Reading ...

Smaller Metros Take Action To Draw Millennials Fleeing Bigger Urban Areas

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The Article Courtesy of About Your Home Inspection! Are millennials getting ready to leave big cities in droves? Some experts in demographics, economics and real estate have predicted the millennial exodus from huge urban areas has already begun. If true, the question remains: where will they go? Some may head to the suburbs, like their parents and grandparents did before them, but many will look for a different lifestyle, one that combines the advantages of suburban living with the best Continue Reading ...

Uniquely You Hues: Decorating With Your Personality In Mind

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From your friends at About Your Home Inspection! Whether you realize it or not, the colors you select for your home and your personal belongings tell a lot about your personality. In fact, according to a recent survey by PPG, 58 percent of 2,500 consumers surveyed agree that colors selected for their home, car and consumer products - such as appliances and electronics - reflect their personality and style all or most of the time. In addition, 70 percent of those surveyed agreed color Continue Reading ...

About Your Home Inspection July Promotion

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Get Ready For An EXPLOSIVE Home Inspection Deal! $25 OFF A 5-Star Inspection Package | 5-STAR PACKAGE | Promo Code Continue Reading ...

3 Super-simple Ways To Create A Barefoot Friendly Backyard Deck

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When the sun is out and the sky is blue, your deck should be one of the most popular areas in your yard. But, if deck boards leave you with splinters or burned feet on hot summer days, there may be little incentive to spend time in your open-air getaway. The good news is this problem is easily preventable. With the right plan, you can build a barefoot-friendly backyard deck that will be the hub of your outdoor living space for years to come. Start with these three super-simple steps. It’s a Continue Reading ...

Engage Kids’ Love Of Nature Through Bird Feeding, Ditch Their Devices And Get Them Outdoors

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Is it difficult to pry your kids away from their electronic devices to get them outdoors? From tots to teens, today’s kids love their electronics. After all, where could you find anything to compete with the bright sights and sounds of their favorite video game? The answer may be no farther than your backyard and the brightly colored songbirds visiting during warm weather. Interacting with nature helps kids in many ways, from helping them understand science concepts and care for the Continue Reading ...

5 Renovation Resolutions For Your Home This Year

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It’s no secret that springtime is synonymous with spruce-ups. But, as is often the case, homeowners hone in on prettying-up patios and backyards with fresh florals and new outdoor furniture, leaving the inside of the home as “same old, same old.” This spring, resolve to reinvent your home from the inside out with stylish décor sure to add the wow-factor it deserves. The five refreshing projects below will to help create a beautiful setting worthy of the new season — and Continue Reading ...

Here’s How To Tap Into Your Home’s Not-so-hidden Potential

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Your most valuable asset is around you all the time. It’s above you, it’s below you and in many cases you don’t realize how much it can do for you. According to the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., “Americans have a staggering amount of untapped equity in their homes.” How much? Altogether, $11,030,000,000,000. That’s 11 trillion, 30 billion dollars. Yet despite this huge wealth possessed by homeowners, using it isn’t as simple as writing a check. You have to capitalize Continue Reading ...

Changing Weather Patterns Leave Homeowners Underinsured

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The U.S. has experienced significant shifts in the frequency, severity and locations of natural disasters — including floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and wildfires — during the past decade. As a result, more than 800 emergency or disaster declarations were made in the U.S. from 2005–2015, according to FEMA data. The insured losses stemming from natural catastrophes such as these average $24 billion annually. Homeowners face severe risks from these disasters, yet many have not Continue Reading ...

Kick Off Summer Special

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About Your Home Inspection's Kick Off Summer Special Call Us Today To Schedule Your June Home Inspection Continue Reading ...